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Succession Planning: Managing strategically for a smooth transition

    Succession Planning and Management: How to build bench strength in your organization

    Presenter: Christine Mooney


    Brief Description

    This presentation will discuss the antecedents and organizational implications of succession. More specifically, it will address the types and different contexts of succession and the overall impact on the firm and its strategic plan. Attendees will learn about the factors that lead to more disruptive change and how to develop programs to reduce uncertainty and plan for a successful transition.



    Attendees will learn how to support and facilitate succession in organizations.



    • Defining succession, antecedents and consequences
    • Exploring the types of succession and different contexts
    • Understanding the organizational impact of succession
    • Components of a successful (and failed) succession plan
    • Developing, Supporting and Aligning HR succession plans to align with company’s strategic plan.
    • Dealing with unexpected transitions
    • Facilitating an effective succession process



    Christine H. Mooney, is the Bill and Paula LeRoy Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at Northern Illinois University.   Her research interests include strategic leadership, executive succession, and top executive decision-making. Her primary teaching responsibilities are in strategic management. Her research has been published in Academy of Management Learning and Education and Organization Dynamics.   She is the Co-director, Center for Social Entrepreneurship at the College of Business, Northern Illinois University.